• In early 2014 my mother and teacher Maggie Silverston was diagnosed with motor neurone disease. Sadly, she passed away on January 21st 2016. In her final days she wrote down some words and teachings, which some people may find useful to refer to. This link will take you to dropbox where you will need to register an account for free in order to read the piece of writing.
  • Breakthrough stem cell trial has been managing to reverse the auto-immune neurological condition Multiple Sclerosis.

 This is a truly inspiring article about fantastic research being done into stem cell treatment. In this case the treatment is managing to reverse and even eradicate all signs of MS and some of the subjects in the trial are beginning to learn how to walk again after being confined to a wheelchair

  • One mum's experience of taking her 4 week old to a cranial osteopath

 An article written by a mother explaining her experience of visiting a cranial osteopath and trying to explain how the treatment works

  • Type II diabetes sufferers can be cured by losing weight

 By losing some of the 'visceral' fat surrounding the pancreas this can allow the organ to restart its production of insulin and so reverse the condition

  • Over treating patients can be harming them in the long run

New research suggests that over medicating and testing patients may be causing increased waiting times and more damage to the patients and the NHS

  • Can pro-biotics help with hey fever?

 Pro-biotics are meant to be able to help with your digestion but new research suggests they can also help with hey fever

  • Silver can be used in the fight against antibiotic resistant bacteria

 This article explains how silver has been proven to aid antibiotics in the fight against resistant bacteria and substantially increase their effectiveness

  • Babies feel pain like adults......really?!!!

Using MRI scans doctors can now prove that babies feel pain like adults

  • Ever wondered what makes the popping sound when you crack your knuckles or you have an Osteopathic joint mobilisation?

 This article explains the physiological process behind the popping noise when you mobilise a joint

  • Taking regular breaks from our screens is very important in reducing the stress on our body

How using your tablet, computer and phone is causing more young people back and neck pain

  • Use of Bleach linked to increased risk of infections in children

Can using bleach for cleaning be increasing your and/or your child's risk of infection?

  • Energy drinks linked to increased risk of heart attack

Do you or your children drink energy drinks on a regular basis? Some food for thought.

  • High levels of sugar in some cereal bars

Do you put one of those cereal bars in your child's lunch box?

  • Headaches and a link to coffee

If you have cut down on the number of coffees you drink because of headaches but they have not stopped this research points to a possible cause:

  • Sitting for long periods can cause more problems than just back pain

This short video explains the negative effects that sitting for long periods can have on your body and the need to get up and stay mobile during your day

  • Paracetamol may not help low back pain

This new study shows that paracetamol may not help low back pain

  • The risks of taking long term paracetamol

How long-term use of paracetamol may expose you to cardiovascular, kidney and gastro-intestinal disease

  • How sugar affects the brain

This short video gives an interesting insight into how sugar affects the brain and why we may find it difficult to give it up

  • The link between common drugs and dementia

We have all heard how dementia is on the increase in the UK. Part of this will undoubtedly be due to a rapidly ageing population. However, there could be additional factors, which are contributing to the problem

  • How warnings about infant bad sharing backfired

How inaccurate reporting of data and poor public advice on how you should sleep with your infant may have caused more problems

  • Breastfeed longer to save the NHS cash

How breastfeeding for between 7-18 months can reduce your risk of getting breast cancer and (obviously more importantly ;) ) save the NHS more than 40 million pounds every year

  • Home births are best for mothers

New NHS guidelines allow greater access to home births for many mothers  

  • How squatting when going to the toilet is better for than sitting

Squatting when going to the toilet (i.e with your legs raised) is not only more natural for you but can help prevent a number of chronic diseases

  • Drinking milk may not protect your bones

I have often said that milk is not the best form of calcium you can give to children. It is often the cause of intolerances  in our diet and here is a study that says drinking milk regularly does not make your bones stronger but indeed may lead to higher rates of fractures

  • Sugar could be worse for your blood pressure than salt

Study reveals how sugar can affect an area of the brain causing your heart rate to quicken and your blood pressure to rise (sorry, this is taken from the Daily Mail)

  • How the US sugar lobby threatens organisations and buries reports

How the sugar lobby in the US is so powerful they can threaten organisations like the WHO (World Health Organisation), bury science reports on the negative health effects of high sugar diets and buy politicians

  • The facts and figures behind diabetes

10% of the NHS budget goes on treating diabetes, 90% of diabetes cases in the UK are type II diabetes

  • Normal milk vs Organic milk. Is it worth the extra money?

This article highlights that there may be some benefit to changing your milk to the non-homogenised organic kind

  • What is Fascia?

Fascia is a tissue that permeates and affects all of the systems that make up our body. Osteopaths work with this relatively unresearched tissue, to reduce the tensions it accumulates, which can be detrimentally affecting the efficiency of your body's systems. To learn more about Fascia and to see what steps are being taken to understand it better, please read the following article: