Babies and Children

During the process of pregnancy and delivery, the baby undergoes a large amount of compression and strain in the body.  The baby’s self-healing mechanism will often be able to deal with the worst of these tensions and over the first few days after birth these will recede.  However, sometimes the tensions may take longer to normalize and may cause restriction and altered function in the body’s various systems (especially the digestive system) causing discomfort.  This discomfort is often expressed as crying, unsettled behaviour and irritability.


Osteopathic treatment using the Cranial approach is very gentle and safe for babies and children.  Very specific, light pressure is applied to various areas of the head and body as the Osteopath encourages the easing of compressive strains and tension within the body. Cranial Osteopaths who treat infants and children are happy to work with your GP/paediatrician and other health workers and will always refer onwards to these professionals where appropriate. 


As children grow they can retain birth strains or be exposed to new ones, which may cause discomfort or an imbalance in the body later on, especially during periods of excessive growth.