Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy, which utilises stretching, massage, joint mobilisation and articulation to restore normal tissue function and balance of movement in the body.  By enhancing and promoting balance within the body’s joints and tissues, our aim is to increase blood flow as well as allow the body to distribute stresses and strains evenly and efficiently. 

An Osteopath diagnoses and treats imbalances within the body’s tissues.  These imbalances can often manifest as pain in various areas of the body, digestive issues, problems with the other body systems or just feeling overly tired.


Facilitating the body’s self healing mechanism

The body will naturally want to return to a point where everything is in balance (homeostasis).  Osteopathic treatment uses a combination of stretching, massage, joint articulation and mobilization to restore balance and correct alignment within the body.  Osteopaths believe that once correct alignment and normal muscle tone have been restored this will increase the body’s ability to heal itself.   


Who and what do Osteopaths treat?

Osteopaths treat new born babies, centenarians and everyone in-between.  Osteopaths utilise a wide range of techniques in their approach to treatment and will always tailor this to the individual.  Unlike some forms of medical intervention, Osteopathy can be used safely on anyone with almost any medical condition.  Osteopaths also have the appropriate training that enable them to make informed diagnoses and refer onto the appropriate medical specialist.  Reasons why people may visit an Osteopath include; pain in the neck and back, shoulder and arm problems, hip and leg problems, headaches and sports injuries.  However, many people visit Osteopaths with problems not immediately related to the musculo-skeletal system and find they experience much greater relief than taking pain killers.


Can I claim Osteopathy on my medical insurance policy?

Many medical insurance companies cover Osteopathy, if you are considering claiming for your treatment on your policy please contact your insurance provider and check the level of cover you have.  Please note that we ask patients to pay for their treatment on the day.  You will be provided with a receipt upon request and then you will need to reclaim the cost from your insurer.


"Before contacting Adam around 2 months ago I had seen other professionals regularly for a period of roughly 10 years for the treatment of chronic back and neck pain. I found that many others could subdue my symptoms but they would return fully within a few weeks if not days. I genuinely didn't think my symptoms could be cured and had grown to accept the sensation of a lower back frozen with stiffness, and pain to the upper back and neck that regularly resulted in sleepless nights. I am delighted to say that I have now been completely pain free for a number of weeks, something I haven't experienced for over 10 years. My mobility has increased to the point I almost feel like I have a different skeletal system. Apart from this Adam has always been pleasant and forthcoming with anything he feels could assist. I couldn't recommend him more highly" (Steven, Douglas)