HEALTH assessment

  • Are you interested in your own health?

  • Are you concerned that you might be at risk of developing certain conditions?

  • Are you looking to lose weight/increase your fitness or make lifestyle changes and would like to monitor your progress?

If so then our health assessment process can provide you with the information you need to:

  • have peace of mind;

  • place you on a path to recovery; or

  • discover areas in your physiology where you could be at risk.

Prior to symptoms or illnesses developing, there will often be small 'tell tale' changes in your physiology, which our tests can pick up. The results from our tests, when interpreted in conjunction with a case history, can highlight early warning signs of future health problems allowing interventions designed to prevent them from manifesting.

Our comprehensive screen and follow up sessions are designed to:

  • help you understand your body's current state;

  • identify issues that you may wish to address; and

  • provide you with comprehensive actions you can take to improve your health.

What does the health assessment consist of?

The health assessment includes;

  1. Blood tests

  2. Urinalysis

  3. Body composition analysis

  4. Lung function tests

  5. Blood Pressure & body measurements


Our screening process will give you a quantitative assessment of your current state of health and identify actions you could take to improve or mitigate your health. The assessment process is able to identify indicators of diseases prior to symptoms becoming apparent to you .

All scientific evidence informs us that early diagnosis of diseases can lead to significantly more effective treatment.

The results from our health screen can also be used by medical professionals to direct early diagnosis thus giving you the best possible chance of effective intervention.